Subject: Betty T ‘s Full Motion Testimony
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 10:18:28 EDT

“I had a bad fall and tore the Meniscus in the right knee.  The surgery went fine but I over-exercised and pulled all of the muscles in my leg, then 10 days later a blood vessel broke and I hemorrhaged into the Knee Joint.  While recuperating, I tried two other kinds of Glucosamine products.  I still had to rub MSM and Glucosamine Lotions on my knee 7-8 times a day to stop the pain, stiffness, heat from the inflammation, etc.  After starting the GNLD Full Motion, I no longer needed any rubbing lotions or had any debilitating symptoms.”   Betty Teuscher
“Because of pain in my knees, I was uncomfortable walking and climbing stairs. Within the first couple of days on Full Motion, my knees were pain free.


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Since I still had some pain in my hips – for which I made frequent trips to the chiropractor – I increased from 3 to 5 tablets daily. Now I’m pain free in both my knees and my hips and haven’t been back to the chiropractor since I started on Full Motion 3 months ago. I can exercise and move like a spring chicken! What a blessing.”

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“Having been trained in Physical Therapy and working with patients suffering from osteoarthritis and overuse injuries for years, it was no surprise to me that the strenuous activity from competitive sports might catch up with me someday. I’m just glad that Full Motion came out in time for me to do something about it. At 41, the discomfort and stiffness in my knees started to become a problem and made me feel like an old man. But, in just 2 weeks on Full Motion, all the pain and stiffness were gone. I’m now back to my normal exercise routine.”

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I have been given a question maybe you can answer.  One of my distributors presently is taking Vital-H.A. Max Formula from Purity Products (  It contains Hydroxytyrosol 1000.  She would like to know how Full Motion compares with it and if it is a similar product or why she should switch to Full Motion.  I have no answers … don’t know what hydroxytyrosol is….. and know nothing about Purity Products either.  I may be asked this question by others as well so hope you can help me.   I will copy some of the info from the website for you.

Have a good day.

Margaret  B


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Hi Merenna,

I went on their website and looked at the ingredients listing for this product and it certainly has a lot of ingredients, except for the one that has been shown to actually regenerate joint tissue; glucosamine. 

When it comes to regenerating joint cartilage the absolute champion is glucosamine.  There is no glucosamine in their product from what I can tell.  They include Type II Collagen, but I can tell you that collagen has not been shown to help the body grow joint tissue. Collagen is a component of the joint capsule, but not really the joint cartilage, so it’s not the same as glucosamine.  The science of joint health is still exploring many areas and Type II Collagen warrants research, but at this time there really isn’t any strong science to support its need in prevention of osteoarthritis. Even so, it’s not really involved in the formation of articulating cartilage, so it still really needs to be partnered with glucosamine.  Lots and lots of science to support glucosamine, that’s why we used it.

They put quite a bit of emphasis on the antioxidant power of the product, but for a joint product that’s not really what is important.  What’s important for a comprehensive joint product is that it first, helps regenerate new joint tissue.  Second, it helps one to deal with the pain and inflammation associated with degenerative joint disease. 

Regardless of the combination of raw materials they have in this product, none have proven benefits like glucosamine, none.  Even chondroitin, as you know, is inferior when compared to glucosamine and chondroitin is the only ingredient in the product that I’m aware that has even the slightest effect on cartilage generation. 

The anti-inflammatory effect needed for relief is why we have our HCC, as you know.  We added HCC to help relieve the inflammation associated with osteoarthritis and to help those get off dangerous drugs, or prevent them from having to start using them.  This HA Max formula, from what I see, has no such mechanisms of action, so therefore does nothing for the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. 

Bottom line is this product may be effective at something, but I don’t know how it can be effective as a preventative/treatment for osteoarthritis.  Margaret should focus on supporting growth of new cartilage and stopping the loss of existing cartilage.  Full Motion contains glucosamine hydrochloride which is scientifically to regenerate new cartilage and slow and even stop the degeneration of existing cartilage. 

I hope this helps, and feel free to contact me for any more assistance in this.

Take care,

Aron Lowe

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