Recipe for a Healthy Heart – How to Prevent Heart Disease

HEART DISEASE DOES NOT STRIKE AT RANDOM! Take charge of your heart health, with this recipe for a healthy heart. You have control, We can help!  Take 2 Vitamin E Plus daily delivers all 8 components of Vitamin E not just d alpha tocopherol Add 4 Lipotropic Adjunct daily to emulsify dietary fats from arteries, lower cholesterol and homocystine levels Stir in 3 Salmon Oil Capsules daily balanced ratios of EPA ...

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Tinnitus Injuries Neurological Damage

There are numerous causes for tinnitus; injuries, neurological damage, ear infections, oxidative stress, foreign objects in the ear, allergies, inflammation of the sinuses, wax build-up and exposure to loud sounds. In some cases, if the source can be identified and removed the ringing will go away. Nutritionally, we would surely suggest they were on some Salmon Oil Plus - if they're dealing with an inflamed ...

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Cancer Treatment – Casodex Hormone Pill – LHRH

Thank you Merenna !!!  Good results from "Down Under!"    I still have my prostate cancer to deal with.  I was scheduled for radiation treatment to start a week ago.   Now I have a maybe better plan.  Whereas my PSA went up to 15.5 in January and my "Gleason Score was 4+4 = 8" and the cancer showed some minimal metastasizing on to the pubic bone; I started LHRH "hormone treatment in February.  In just 2 mon ...

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Children Raised On GNLD and MS Testimony

Dear Merenna and Staff at GNLD Sedona I'm expecting my first grandchild this month. It is a girl. My baby boy [26 years old] is the daddy to be. My two older children have no children. Laurie is 32. Christopher is 29. All my children were raised on GNLD Neo Life. Stephen, my youngest, is the only one who started on Neo Life intra-uterine. He was born the strongest and smartest baby of my three. At only hour ...

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Alan Faye – Cancer Testimony

Yes . . . sugar a no-no! And white rice turns to sugar in a heartbeat. Interesting about plastics. I know that just using ordinary plastic drinking water bottles, also release bad toxins, unless the bottles are marked "HDME," or something like, that on the bottom. Better to carry water in metal containers. Even store-bought plastic water bottles are bad. Many have been sitting in warehouses on shelves, and ...

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Mother’s body appears 20 years younger!

My Mother's body appears 20 years younger!   "My mom has been using GNLD's Active 40 for fifteen years along with a   serving of Nouri-Shake Protein each day. When she developed a heart problem and needed by-pass surgery, her cardiologist came and told us he was a little confused about her condition, all her other organs tested out at least twenty years younger than her chronological age. She was 84 years o ...

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